Saturday, August 9, 2008

Welcome to the Gate of Community Service

Welcome to the official site of Censerve. We are going to appreciated visitors with the difference kind of articles, pictures, demographic information, communities and institutions pertaining to community service and event management.

We are going to update another project such as JKQ, MAARUF CLUB, and QYC.

CENSERVE Team is a combination of all clubs and project groups doing community service works under the guidance and supervision of the Community Service Unit Student Development Division. Each club or project plans their annual activities and run them with proper guidance from the unit.

There are ten groups under it. Presidents and head projects of each group are the members of the CENSERVE Team Board that governs the overall planning and activities. Each group runs the activities and programmes for various target groups accordingly.

Caring Club

educational and motivational activities for the orphans
Orphans Mentoring
Muhammad Hanif Harun
Programmes conducted
- Mentoring Programme (Payasum)
- Mentoring Programme (Peyatim)
- Mentoring Programme (Kuang)
- Tutoring Programme (Sri Raudah)
- Merdeka Charity Concert
- Charity Race & IIUM Jalur Gemilang Run
- Young Leaders Development Programme
- Merdeka Charity Futsal


mentoring project for primary school students
School-based Mentoring
Muhammad Hafiz Hakim
Programmes conducted
- Mentoring Programme
-Gemilang Rendezvous
- Educational Visit
- Gemilang Mentoring
- Excellence Camp
- UPSR Workshop & Motivational Seminar
- Merdeka Theatre

AKHI Project

mentoring project for primary school students from low income family
School-based Mentoring
Ahmad Asyrani Aziz
Programmes conducted

-Mentoring Programme
- Bronze Workshop
- Silver Workshop
- Self-Preparation Camp
- Spirit of Independence Camp
- Heard of Gold Workshop
- Merdeka Endurance Course
- Educational Visit
- English Camp


Mosque-based activities for teenagers
Teenagers development Project
Abdul Syukur Mohd Syarif
Programmes conducted

- Sendi Saga Semaian Budi
- Dynamic Mentoring
- UPSR Workshop
-Spiritual and Enhancement Camp
- Motivational Camp
- Mentoring Self- Esteem & Achievement


Conducts leadership programme for secondary school students
Young leaders development project
Ahmad Fitri Hazim Abdullah
Programmes conducted

- Excellence Skills Workshop
- Empowering Training
- Motivational Camp
- A Moment In Kajang Prison
- English camp

Karisma Project

Motivational programmes and tuition classes for teenagers with disciplinary problems
Problematic Teenagers
Abdul Hakim Ismail
Programmes conducted

- Friends Inculcating Of Ethics and Development Skill
- Advance Intensive Training course
- Seminar & Motivational UPSR & PSRA
- Motivation Camp PMR & SPM for Problematic Students
- Basic Training Facilitators S kill
- Recreational Training
- Social Illness & Women Safety Convention
- Forum: The Might of the Present Ummah

JASA Project

Outreach project to Orang Asli in Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Gua Musang
Aborigines Mentoring
Mohd Haidir Zainuddin
Programmes conducted

-Enhancement Training Course
- First Wave: Changing of Paradigm
- Educational Mission
- Aborigines Motivational Course


Da'wah and research project for Orang Asli in Gombak, Perak and Kelantan
Aborigines Mentoring
Ahmad Asyraf Ab. Latif
Programmes conducted

- Islamic Practical Teaching for Aborigines
- Merdeka Aborigines Exhibition
- Eidul Adha Celebration
- Annual Tracking
- Aborigines Motivational Course
- Aborigines Educational Clinic

Titian Asli Project

Weekends activities for Orang Asli children in Janda Baik and Bangsar
Aborigines Mentoring
Mohd Saiful Adalah
Programmes conducted

- Mentoring Programme
- Integration Towards the Enhancement of Aborigines
- Extreme Challenges
- Bonds of Brotherhood Programme
- Color of Solidarity
- Reading Awareness Campaign
- Instilling Merdeka Spirit In ASDAF
- Health Awareness Campaign

MISI Project

Humanitarian work in Sabah and Sarawak
Less fortunate people and school children
Junaidi Kepli
Programmes conducted

- Morality : A Moment in Borneo
- Special Training for Young Leaders

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